Pot Lights

Brings a clean and streamlined look to a home while making the space feel bigger

Knife Edge Lighting

Provides an elegant sharp edged architectural feature and discrete ambient lighting

Natural Skyline

Provides more natural light to the space while helping reduce energy costs


Sophisticated centrepiece that brings a next level of elegance

We Make Things Amazing

Every Day.

Available Services

Residential Services

- Custom homes, new construction and knob and tube rewires
- All types of custom lighting solutions
- Installation of saunas, Jacuzzis and pools
- Home automation
- Home Theater Installation

Commercial Services

- New & renovated office areas, restaurants, retail spaces
- Complete wiring and lighting
- Installation of service equipment and transformers

Industrial Services

- Wiring of motors for heating, A/C, refrigeration, etc.
- LED retrofit installations
- Installation of service equipment and transformers
- Installation of specialty equipment

The Sky Is The Limit

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